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The SupportWorks Foundation works to create a world where everyone feels valued, equal and safe. We believe domestic violence and abuse is preventable.

SuportWorks Foundation is a Charity who’s aim is to promote the protection and recovery of women and children who have suffered from or are exposed to domestic abuse and the advancement of education and understanding of the issues of domestic abuse and the promotion of healthy relationships.

In 2010 a group of women survivors of domestic abuse formed a self help group to raise funds to help other women heal from the effects of living with domestic abuse. Their work inspired the creation of the SupportWorks Foundation. As advisors to the board, these courageous, talented and gifted women, continue to inform and direct our work.

By providing group education and training the SupportWorks Foundation will help prevent relationship abuse and foster sustainable change by promoting individual transformation, building community ownership and fundamentally challenging the social norms that support and condone violence against women and girls.

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