10 Feb Shaun Attwood – Former Ecstasy Dealer



There are future implications of the choices young people make now.

Illegal drugs have never been more readily available to young people with drug and crime lifestyles glamorised by movies, music videos and celebrity addicts.

Having being seduced by such a lifestyle myself, I now share my story with schools across the UK. My story is a journey from a pupil in a state school to stock-market millionaire, from rave organiser/ecstasy dealer to one of America’s toughest jails demonstrating the real consequences of a high-risk lifestyle.

I was born in Widnes, Cheshire and the first from my family to go to university. Still in my twenties, I fulfilled my childhood dream of moving to America and making a fortune in the stock market. But my drug-fuelled partying lifestyle eventually caught up with me. Handcuffed and hauled away by a SWAT team, I was forced for the first time to face the harsh consequences of my choices. During almost six years of in prison, I took time to reflect on my actions and their corrosive effect not just on my life, but also on those closest to me.

I hope from listening to my story young people will think about the realities of drugs and prison versus their glamorisation, the consequences of choosing drugs and a high-risk lifestyle and the harsh realities of being a prisoner.

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