09 Mar Katie Shipley (Kidderminster District Youth Trust) Substance Misuse Worker for Young People



Kidderminster District Youth Trust encourage young people to make informed decisions about their drug use through fact based informal education.

We are able to support young people experiencing drug issues or seeking information and facts in a number of ways:

  • ¬∑We have trained Youth Workers and Mediators who are able to speak one-to-one with young people and also help with any family problems there may be.
  • Youth workers are non-judgemental and will not be shocked by what they hear.
  • We run youth clubs where there is always up to date information available for young people to access.
  • We have computers and Wi-Fi so young people can research any issues they want to.
  • We have detached youth workers who go out into the community able to offer advice and support.
  • Kidderminster Youth House have private meeting rooms where you can talk confidentially.
  • KDYT has fun and engaging educational tools to help young people learn about the effects of drugs and alcohol in a relaxed and informal way.
  • KDYT has robust safeguarding policy and procedures which supports us in ensuring that young people who use our services are safe and are offered the right support.
  • KDYT has links to a number of agencies who can help with more difficult issues.
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