16 Mar Detective Inspector Justin Taylor – West Mercia Police



We all have a responsibility to end Domestic Abuse. We are all likely to come in to contact with domestic abuse.

Domestic abuse is a serious and complex issue.  It is a crime that remains largely hidden behind closed doors, leaving its victims feeling trapped, powerless and isolated; in many cases afraid to say anything in case it makes a bad situation worse. West Mercia Police has specialist officers trained in domestic abuse investigation on each of its divisions. The facts are:

  • An incident of domestic abuse is reported to the police in the UK every minute.
  • Domestic abuse accounts for 5% of calls to West Mercia Police for assistance. Of these calls, 20% were from repeat victims.
  • Domestic abuse accounts for 8.2 % of all recorded crime in West Mercia,
  •  2 women are murdered each week in England and Wales by their present or former partner.
  • 90% of incidents are witnessed by children that live within a household where abuse occurs.
  • Around 15% of incidents involve men as victims.
  • It is acknowledged that a victim, on average, will endure 30 to 35 assaults before seeking help.

 (source : The Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police Domestic Abuse Strategy 2014 – 2017 )

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