11 Apr Ann Nicholls – CRUSH Facilitator & Trainer



Helping young people make safe, healthy relationships.

CRUSH is a structured programme of group support and empowerment for young people in the age range of 13 – 19 who have witnessed, experienced or are at risk of domestic abuse. The programme has been developed by Women’s Aid.

CRUSH aims to help young people gain the skills, knowledge and tools to be able to:

  • Avoid abusive relationships
  • Exit an abusive relationship safely
  • Help you with your exposure to domestic abuse within your home environment

The CRUSH Programme is suitable for young people of both sexes and can be helpful to those who are vulnerable to domestic abuse and also for those who are beginning to show signs of controlling behaviour.  The programme has been designed to complement the information on relationships given in PHSE lessons.

(source : The Crush Project website)

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