10 Feb Tony Porter – A Call To Men



We believe that to prevent violence against women & girls we must challenge the male mindsets that foster & excuse it. As men, that's OUR responsibility

A CALL TO MEN UK believes that preventing domestic and sexual violence is ultimately the responsibility of men – well-meaning men who for the most part don’t see themselves as part of the problem – need to get involved, and become part of the solution.

We recognise that the underlying causes of violence and discrimination against women and girls are rooted in the ways women and girls have been traditionally viewed and treated in our society. Our aim is to shift the social norms that negatively impact our culture and promote a more healthy and respectful definition of manhood and masculinity.

We achieve this by (i) providing men and boys with tools, practical methods and strategies to connect and address these social issues and in doing so (ii) liberate men and boys to play a primary role in the solution to end violence and discrimination against women and girls thereby (iii) creating an equal and just society for all.

We are currently working with The ConinU Trust to deliver ‘Coaching Healthy & Respectful Masculinity’ programmes to young boys in  schools across Wyre Forest and Hagley.

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